Exhibitor Press Releases

Posted 17 June 2022

HASCO, Inc to Showcase at the 2022 IEEE International Microwave Symposium

IMST GmbH added AU915-928 to it’s LoRaWAN® certification program

Leader Tech: Key Properties of Thermal Interface Materials Blog from the Experts at Leader Tech

Mercury's ultra-compact tuners help counter adversarial threats

MilliBox™ uses Anritsu ShockLine™ ME7868A Distributed Modular 2- port Vector Network Analyzer to Demonstrate its new GIM05 mmWave Spherical Roll and Polarization Controller Positioner

Copper Mountain Technologies Demonstrates its Award-Winning USB VNA S5243 2-Port 44 GHz Analyzer using MilliBox™ MBX02 mmWave Chamber and GIM04-230x Positioner, Booth 10036

NIC Announces Space Qualified Filters at IMS 2022 Booth #7014

Southwest Microwave Launches New SSBB Multi-Pin Board-to-Board Connector

Rosenberger Introduces Multiport Mini-SMP for Solderless Mounting

Rosenberger Significantly Expands RPC-1.00 Portfolio

New PCB Footprint Optimization Application Note by Rosenberger

Tecdia Announces New Dielectric Varactor for mmW applications

WAVEPIA Boosts GaN RF Portfolio with C-band and Ka-band MMIC

Posted 16 June 2022

AmpliTech Group To Feature Product Suite as a Gold Sponsor at International Microwave Symposium June 21st to June 23rd

Filtronic awarded $0.9m follow‐on contract for 5G mmWave modules

Mercury’s latest commercial technology leverages strategic investment in U.S. trusted, secure microelectronics

Mercury Systems receives $14M order for SiP assemblies

Mercury Systems selected to provide secure packaging for DoD SHIP program

Increased U.S. manufacturing of microelectronics enabled through Mercury Systems’ Phoenix facility expansion

Mercury Systems and Lockheed Martin sign memorandum of agreement to collaborate on sensor processing technology in Switzerland

Mercury Systems awarded $25M contract for RF subsystems

Mercury Systems receives $50M basic ordering agreement from U.S. Navy for advanced data transfer systems

SignalCore Releases Two New Products


Posted 15 June 2022

Anokiwave, Inc. Appoints Ryan Jennings as Vice President of SATCOM and Systems

APITech Announces Early Samples of High Power SAW Filter at IMS2022

Ciao Wireless introduces 10 MHz to 40 GHz Ultra-Wideband LNA

CPI TMD Technologies Division at IMS2022


Filtronic E‐band technology



Menlo Micro Unveils Latest Switching Innovations at IMS2022

MUEGGE Press Release

Richardson Electronics – Power & Microwave Technologies Participating in IMS2022 Conference


Posted 14 June 2022

Antenom Antenna Technologies to Exhibit Block-based Anten’it Antenna and Microwave Design and Training Products at IMS in Denver

dB Control Exhibits New Line of Custom RF & Microwave Components and Assemblies in Booth 5102 at IMS

dB Control Exhibits High-Power TWT Amplifiers, MPMs, Power Supplies, RF Receivers and RF Sources at IMS in Booth 5102

Empower: New 600-6000 MHz 30W GaN Module

Empower: 4KW S Band SSPA for Satcom Uplink 

Empower: Ultra Broadband RF Amplifier in a 3U Chassis

Filtronic introduces new range of E‐band high power amplifiers for long‐range telecoms links, including Low Earth Orbit and HAPS applications

Keysight Technologies to Highlight Millimeter-wave Innovations at IMS2022

Knowles: What's New!

MilliBox™ Unveils GIM05, its 5th Generation mmWave and THz Antenna Positioner with Revolutionary 3 Axis Spherical Roll and Polarization Controller Solution

MilliBox Demonstrate MBX33 – GIM04-300x mmWave test solution Live for the First Time with Extreme Waves 5G Dual-Pol./Dual-Beam Phased Array and Copper Mountain Technologies USB VNA at IMS2022

pSemi/Murata brings its own customized MilliBox to IMS2022 to showcase its latest design capabilities booth 7078

IMS2022 displays five live demonstrations of MilliBox™ throughout the exhibition

PCB Power Market at IMS2022 Expo: Redefining Innovation with RF and Microwave PCBs

Tagore Technologies to Participate at IMS 2022

Telonic Berkeley Press Release


Posted 13 June 2022

Anoison: End Launch Connectors Operate up to 110 GHz

Anoison: mBend Cable Assemblies

Eureka Aerospace to Showcase PCSS-Based High-Power Microwave System at IMS2022 at Booth #10078

Join Modelithics® at IMS2022 in Denver, CO for Presentations, RF Boot Camp, and More!

Linear Press Release

MtronPTI Product Portfolio for Common Data Links (CDL)

PCB Technologies launches iNPACKTM, a Miniaturization, and Advanced Packaging solution Provider

Rogers Corporation to Present & Exhibit at IMS in Denver Colorado

SIGLENT presents its first oscilloscope series with 12-bit vertical resolution 

Smiths Interconnect New SpaceNXT™ QT Series of Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Smiths Interconnect X-band WR112 waveguide components for Space and Defence 

Smiths Interconnect LightCONEX Optical Interconnects for OpenVPX and SOSA™ Aligned Applications


Posted 7 June 2022

AMD-Xilinx- AMD Enables Evenstar

AMD-Xilinx- Co-location Deployment Considerations for Direct RF Sampling Transceivers

AMD-Xilinx- Synchronization of Signal Processing in Multiple RF Data Converter Subsystems

Anokiwave to Feature its Latest mmW Active Antenna ICs and Solutions at IMS2022

MtronPTI crosses to CTS Products

MtronPTI UFDX9999-002-C-Band Cavity Diplexer-Splitter Assembly


Posted 6 June 2022

Glenair Press Release

Ironwood Electronics- 40 GHz Bandwidth Socket for BGA121 Package


Posted 3 June 2022

Aethertek Press Release


Posted 2 June 2022

dSPACE Expands Radar Test Portfolio-Automated Validation and Calibration of Radar Sensors in Production with New End-of-Line Test System

Indium Corporation to Feature Precision Au-Based Die-Attach Preforms at International Microwave Symposium

Indium Corporation to Present at International Microwave Symposium

Gel-Pak Showcases New Product Platforms at International Microwave Symposium in Denver, CO

Global Communication Semiconductors, LLC (GCS) Announces Its New Foundry Offering of 0.15um GaN/SiC Foundry Process with a PDK that supports Keysight Technologies Pathwave ADS Electro-Thermal Analysis Capability    

Pasternack to Showcase New, Innovative RF and Microwave Products at IMS 2022 at Booth #9014

Jigar Shah Joins Quantic Wenzel as Director of Business Development - Quantic Wenzel Exhibits at IMS2022

Response Microwave- Ultra Broadband 67GHz Coupler

Response Microwave- High Power Coupler for ITSWiFi Applications

Response Microwave- Adaptors cover DC-65GHz with 1.0mm to 1.85mm

Response Microwave- Ultra Broadband 40GHz divider

Taitien releases Low Cost, High Stability Disciplined Timing Module, DT-5151

Taitien releases Low Phase Noise OCXO at 100 MHz with High Stability and Low G sensitivity 

Taitien releases miniature Low Phase Noise OCXO at with Low Cost, High Stability 

Trexon- EZ Form Cable Announces the Newest Advancement in Semi-Rigid Cable Technology with a New .086” Phase Stable Cable Offer

West Bond Press Release