Registration Information 2023


Early Bird Registration

14 November - 12 May

Advance Registration

13 May - 08 June

On-Site Registration

09 June - 16 June

Join the microwave and RF community during the week of 11-16 June for the IMS Technical Program and IMS Exhibition, the RFIC Symposium, and the ARFTG Conference. Part of having the optimal experience is choosing the right pass. Use the table below to compare the benefits of each.

Looking to get the most out of the week, be sure to check out the all-inclusive Superpass. (And this link to the Superpass page)

Please note: Registration is required for all attendees including SESSION CHAIRS and PRESENTERS. Only paid attendees will be admitted to the workshops, technical sessions, and exhibition hall.

The following steps will guide you through the registration process:

To receive IEEE member rates, you will enter your IEEE login within the registration system for an immediate automatic lookup. Members save 30-33% on registration rates! If you are not an IEEE member and would like to learn about the advantages of being a member and receiving the conference member rate, please visit or call 1-800-678-IEEE. Please note that you must be a member at the time of registration to receive the member rate.

Questions and Issues: If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact our call center at 774-247-4038 or email:

Microwave Week includes the IMS technical program and exhibition, the RFIC Symposium, and the ARFTG Conference.

Choose your Pass Type:

IMS technical sessions and electronic proceedings  ✔    
IMS Plenary Session and Welcome Reception on Monday  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
RFIC technical sessions and electronic proceedings  ✔    ✔  
RFIC Plenary Session, Industry Showcase, and Reception on Sunday evening  ✔    ✔  
ARFTG technical sessions and electronic proceedings  ✔      ✔
Exhibition on Tuesday-Thursday  ✔  ✔  ✔  ✔
ONE full-day workshop (or two half-day workshops)  ✔      
ONE Technical Lecture  ✔      
Electronic proceedings for all workshops  ✔      
MTT-S Awards Banquet on Wednesday  ✔      


  • SUPERPASS registration includes: all IMS, RFIC, and ARFTG technical sessions and electronic proceedings; one full-day workshop (or two half-day workshops); electronic proceedings for three workshop days; one technical lecture, exhibition Tuesday through Thursday; RFIC Plenary Session, Industry Showcase, and Reception on Sunday evening; IMS Plenary Session and Welcome Reception on Monday; and one ticket to the MTT-S Awards Banquet on Wednesday.
  • IMS registration includes: IMS Plenary Session and Welcome Reception on Monday; IMS technical sessions on Tuesday through Thursday; exhibition Tuesday through Thursday; and IMS electronic proceedings.
  • RFIC SYMPOSIUM registration includes: RFIC Plenary Session, Industry Showcase, and Reception on Sunday evening; RFIC technical sessions on Monday and Tuesday; IMS Plenary Session and Welcome Reception on Monday; exhibition Tuesday through Thursday; and RFIC electronic proceedings.
  • ARFTG CONFERENCE registration includes: ARFTG technical sessions, exhibition, and ARFTG Awards luncheon on Friday; IMS Plenary Session and Welcome Reception on Monday; exhibition Tuesday through Thursday; and ARFTG electronic proceedings. ARFTG Conference member rates are available to both ARFTG and IEEE members.
  • EXHIBITION $30 early bird registration fee includes access to the exhibit hall Tuesday through Thursday, IMS Plenary Session, and Welcome Reception on Monday.  Wednesday exhibition-only registration is free to everyone! 
  • CONNECTED FUTURE SUMMIT- The Summit on Tuesday, 13 June will review core technologies for future wireless networks along with their human and societal impacts. The day-long program will feature experts from industry, government and academia sharing technical knowledge and strategies. The topics will include future trends of 6G and beyond; standardization of both cellular (3GPP) and Wi-Fi Alliance; broadband wireless with satellite constellations and other high-altitude platform; V2X technology with beyond 5G; semiconductor technologies; reconfigurable front ends and system architectures; and test and measurement challenges impacting next-generation connectivity evolution.
  • TECHNICAL LECTURES- IMS2023 Technical Lectures introduce attendees to a variety of new or growing areas of microwave engineering that they may not have an in-depth familiarity with. The talks touch on topics of general interest in microwave engineering and provide topical overviews of the state-of-the-art, clarify fundamental concepts and principles, and provide attendees with the tools they need to better appreciate and leverage advances in these engineering areas in their own work. Technical Lectures will run approximately 100 minutes with plenty of time for questions afterward.
  • TWO FULL-DAY WORKSHOPS- Purchase two full-day workshops and receive access to the electronic proceedings for all workshop days (Sunday, Monday and Friday). Important Note: Must select the Two Full-Day workshop option to receive this. Workshop electronic proceedings are not available for individual sale. All Workshop electronic proceedings is also included as part of the Superpass registrations.
  • FULL-DAY AND HALF-DAY WORKSHOPS- The day of the workshop fee includes electronic proceedings for all the workshops being presented on the day, IMPORTANT NOTE: Workshop Notes will be provided electronically (via the "cloud") so that all workshop registrants may have the option of downloading and printing the notes on their own before traveling. Workshop electronic proceedings are NOT available for individual sale.
    • Full-day workshops include a morning refreshment break, lunch, and an afternoon refreshment break. 
    • Morning workshops include a morning refreshment break and lunch. 
    • Afternoon workshops include lunch and an afternoon refreshment break.​​ 


  • RF BOOTCAMP- This course on Monday, 12 June will cover real-world, practical, modern design and engineering fundamentals needed by technicians, new engineers, engineers wanting a refresh, college students, as well marketing and sales professionals. Experts within industry and academia will share their knowledge of RF/Microwave systems basics, simulation and network design, network and spectrum analysis, and microwave antenna and radar basics. Attendees completing the course will earn two IEEE CEUs. The fee includes a morning refreshment break, lunch, and an afternoon refreshment break.


  • AI/ML BOOTCAMP- This course on Sunday, 11 June will present the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) for microwaves. The course is targeted to general audiences in the microwave community who are not necessarily experts in AI/ML and want to learn the basics of AI/ML. This includes engineers that are interested in using AI/ML for microwave applications, marketing and sales professionals who are interested in understanding the basics and relevance of AI/ML for microwaves, and university students who like to acquire the basic knowledge of AI/ML. The course will provide ample opportunities for audience interaction and Q&A. The fee includes a lunch, and an afternoon refreshment break.


  • QUANTUM BOOTCAMP- This course on Sunday, 11 June will provide an introduction to the basics of quantum engineering, targeting microwave engineers who want to understand how they can make an impact in this emerging field. The intended audience includes new engineers, engineers who may be changing their career path, marketing and sales professionals seeking a better understanding of quantum technology, as well as current university students looking to learn more about the practical aspects of Quantum technology. The format of the Quantum Boot Camp is like that of a short course, with speakers covering quantum engineering basics with a focus on the control and measurement of quantum systems and will conclude with a hands-on introduction to the design of superconducting qubits using modern microwave CAD tools. The bootcamp is geared towards making the remainder of quantum-week more accessible to attendees. The fee includes a morning refreshment break and a lunch.


  • INDUSTRY WORKSHOPS- Industry Workshops are 100 minute exhibitor-led presentations on in-depth technical topics in a workshop format off the exhibit floor. Industry Workshops offer practical training in areas that allow attendees to make immediate use of the materials presented. This year, IMS is offering Industry Workshops covering a wide range of relevant topics. 

Add any Extras:

  • MTT-S AWARDS BANQUET- The MTT-S Awards Banquet will be held on Wednesday, 14 June at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.  The evening will include fine dining, an awards presentation, and excellent entertainment. All Superpass registrations include 1 ticket to the MTT-S Awards Banquet.
  • BOXED LUNCHES- (Monday-Thursday)- Boxed lunches will be available for pre-order (Note: if you are signed up for a workshop or Bootcamp, lunch is included for that day)


  • GUEST REGISTRATION- Conference Attendees will be able to add a guest to their registration for an additional fee.  Registered guests will be able to attend the IMS Plenary Session and Welcome Reception on Monday and the exhibition Tuesday through Thursday.

Cancellation Policy:

Written requests for cancellations must be received in writing and should be submitted via email to: by 26 May 2023. Cancellations received after 26 May 2023 will NOT be honored and all registration fees will be forfeited. All refunds will incur a $50 processing fee which will be deducted from the refund.


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