Guest Suite and Guest Activities

Maggie Caverly and Karleen Mays are the IMS2023 Guest and Hospitality Suite organizers and can be reached at

The IMS2023 Guest and Hospitality Suite will be a comfortable, and safe home away from home. In addition to a daily breakfast and refreshments, the Suite will be a central location to meet your family as well as friends, both ones you knew before IMS2023 as well as ones you make while in San Diego.

In the Guest Suite, there will be information regarding sightseeing tours and area attractions. Children of attendees are also welcome to enjoy the guest lounge with a parent. There will be free craft activities for children, teens, and adults.

The IMS2023 Guest and Hospitality Suite location will be at the Hilton Gaslamp and will be open from 08:00-12:00 daily. Check our Facebook page for more specific location information, as well as additional activity information.

Please Note: Access to the Guest and Hospitality Suite is requires a one-time Guest registration fee. Your fee includes breakfast and refreshments. See the IMS2023 registration site for more information on registering for the Guest and Hospitality Suite.