I am... Rashaunda Henderson


Professor Rashaunda Henderson, University of Texas at Dallas

I AM... here to help!

What made you want to work in this industry?  I thought that electromagnetics was one of the hardest classes I took as an undergraduate student. Since everyone hated it as a subject, I wanted to learn more about it.  Back then I gravitated to the hard topics.

What is your favorite part of your job? As a professor I get to work with students so I enjoy when I can help them move forward in their coursework, research or even as they progress in their careers.  I love helping people so I see teaching as a profession as a way to help people.

What are you most excited about for IMS2024? I’m excited about being in Washington DC and enjoying the location as a destination for the conference.  We get an opportunity to engage in our work in a location where I haven’t traveled before for an IMS.