2023 Quantum Boot Camp

Sunday, 11 June 2023

08:00 – 12:00

Room: 26AB, San Diego Convention Center

The quantum computing industry relies heavily on microwave technologies, yet the connection between MTT-S and the quantum efforts is still nascent. For the quantum computing industry to succeed, it is essential to train multidisciplinary engineers who understand both quantum physics and microwave engineering. Quantum engineering is a fast-growing interdisciplinary field of research in which microwave and RF engineers can play an important role, especially in the areas of Quantum Sensing, Quantum Communications, and in the Microwave Control of Quantum Computing platforms.

The Quantum Boot Camp will introduce the basics of quantum engineering, targeting microwave engineers who want to understand how they can make an impact in this emerging field. It features speakers covering quantum engineering basics with a focus on the design, fabrication, control, and measurement of quantum system, with a focus on superconducting qubits. The course will conclude with an industry perspective from one of the leading commercial providers of quantum computing.

The intended audience includes new engineers, engineers who may be changing their career path, marketing and sales professionals seeking a better understanding of quantum technology, as well as current college students looking to learn more about the practical aspects of Quantum technology.

Speakers: Prof. Kevin O’Brien (MIT), Prof. Will Oliver (MIT), Dr. Ofer Naaman (Google)