5 Tips for Submitting a Paper

It's easier than you think to submit a paper to IMS, and it's a great way to enhance or grow your reputation as an industry expert. The paper only needs to be 3 pages (final paper can be 4 with references). So, after you have downloaded the template and come up with your paper topic, here are some tips to get the submission right:

  • First: Come up with a good title. Then, state your point clearly in your intro, put your work in context with other work in the field, reference others as needed, and explain why your work is original.
  • Second: Make sure your figures have labeled axes, have captions, and the captions tell a clear story all by themselves. Reference the figures by their figure number in your text.
  • Third: Be sure to include relevant quantitative information with measured results. Focus on precision and accuracy and explain any variations from simulations or models.
  • Fourth: Ask another colleague to read it and comment. Then, give it another read and make sure it is clear, organized, and your meaning comes across.
  • Fifth: Make sure your paper matches up to the template and conforms to the double-blind requirements.