Systems & Applications

Systems & Applications


One thematic element towards “capitalizing across the spectrum” highlights the development of RF, microwave, mm-wave and THz system expansion into targeted applications. IMS2024 will focus on the following:

  • Radar Systems and Phased Arrays,
  • Communications, including 6-and Future-G developments, 
  • RF and microwave system-on-chip integration, 
  • Applications of High-Power Microwave Systems

As companies and universities innovate, they provide new, additional value to the environments they serve. For example, the advancement of high power densities in RF semiconductor technologies, result in the miniaturization of communications devices, while still improving the user experience. Additionally, as you read in the January edition of IEEE Spectrum “The generations of wireless cellular technology (or the Gs) have been incrementing every 10 years: 1G prior to 1990, 2G in 1990, 3G in 2000, 4G in 2010, and 5G in 2020. We expect 6G to roll out in 2030. In terms of 6G platform development, a variety of technologies are expected to come together and work in a complementary manner. They include the Internet of Everything (IoE), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented intelligence for cybersecurity, edge computing, next-generation satellites, and the metaverse." Many of these topics be featured in the day-long Future G Summit at IMS2024.

Coming Soon! Highlights from the IMS2024 technical program!